Full Variable Data

Variable Data Printing

Variable data is the ability to change text and graphics between every piece printed, allowing your marketing projects to directly target your audience. By customizing each piece your return rate could be upwards of 20%, versus the return rate of 1-2% (at best) for traditional direct mail projects.  Ask your Account Executive for more details, and for examples of what variable data can offer.

Criteria for good returns on variable data printing:

    • Must incite a response (call to action) or have an offer associated with it: a discount, a free product, interest in a specific product, a contest, etc.
    • Must be relevant to the recipient—try to pique an interest
    • Convenience to respond—via email, personal url (purl), or a pre-addressed & stamped return card.

If your piece only contains information with no call to action or specific response method, there is no way to know if any response was generated. It can be deceiving with variable printing; due to the naturally higher cost of producing the piece, the customer’s data base is typically filtered and scrubbed of names less likely to produce results.