Revisiting the Power of Print By Pat Friesen   Haptically speaking, there’s a lot to be said for writing marketing messages for print. For starters, they have a better chance of being read when printed on paper and remembered than … Continued

8 Reasons Direct Mail is More Effective than Email Marketing By Heidi Tolliver-Walker It’s an age-old debate: direct mail versus email marketing. Supporters of digital media will say why drain your marketing budget on direct mail campaigns that nobody reads … Continued

What Does ‘Why’ Mean to Your Direct Mail?

 From: Targeting Marketing- February 8, 2018 By Summer Gould “Why?” For so many reasons, it’s the best question in marketing. “Why?” gets right down to the main point. If you have children, at some point you have been confronted with … Continued

How Direct Mail Is Your Little Engine That Could

  From: Target Marketing Jan. 25, 2018 By Summer Gould   Because direct mail is the little engine that could for your marketing funnel, it can sustain you through troubled times. Direct mail is most powerful when used in a … Continued

How to Save Money on Postage

Tarket Marketing: January 11, 2018 How to Save Money on Postage By Summer Gould   When done correctly, direct mail can be a very cost-effective way to reach targeted prospects and customers. Your return on investment typically exceeds most other … Continued

Looks Are Important in Direct Mail

From Printing Impressions- January 5, 2018 Looks Are Important in Direct Mail By Steve Johnson You’re reading this in January, but as I write this column the Christmas season is in full swing. Packages are arriving in the mail from … Continued

Market Opportunities in Short-Run Periodicals and Books

From: Printing Impressions December 13, 2017 For a long time, publishing books and magazines was mostly about manufacturing and distributing them in large quantities. The model still exists, and it continues to account for the majority of book and magazine … Continued

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