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Giving Print a Chance By Gina Ferrara After its introduction close to three decades ago, the quick adoption of email led many to believe the predicted obsolescence of printed communications was inevitable. As time went on, consumers were able to … Continued

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Another Satisfied Customer!

From Finally Homes: “Our organization recently used Mountain Media to print all of our manuals and curriculum books for an upcoming national training event we held. From beginning to end, we were treated with such honesty and kindness. Mark and Sonny, … Continued

More Direct Mail Fun Facts!

Direct Mail Statistics That Will Have you Running to the Post Office Social media, email, search engine optimization, print advertising, trade shows, conferences… There are so many marketing channels nowadays that business owners often overlook a tried-and-tested marketing method that … Continued

Print Still Matters in 2020!

  Today, many companies focus on email marketing, blogging, video and social media marketing to raise brand awareness, increase website traffic and boost sales. The one medium that is largely overlooked is print media. It makes sense; according to Statista, … Continued

Print Lives.

Why Print Is a Digital Champion — Plus How to Measure Success By Lauren Ackerman In a world where everyone is scrambling to label themselves “data-driven,” catalog marketers and direct mailers get to claim veteran status. We were data-driven before … Continued

Is Your Direct Mail Trustworthy?

Direct Mail for the Modern Marketer February 6, 2020 6 Ways to Make Sure It Is Credit: Pixabay by Gerhard Gellinger By Summer Gould Direct mail is a very popular and effective marketing channel. According to MarketingSherpa, 76% of people … Continued

The Pendulum Is Swinging Back to the Usage of Print

2020 Direct Mail Outlook Reveals Combining Print, Digital Crucial By Toni McQuilken For years now, the so-called common wisdom was that “print is dead” and electronic media will make applications, such as direct mail communications completely obsolete. But print is … Continued

Envelope vs Postcards- You Decide

Click below to read about how envelopes and postcards impact your direct mailing. 2019_Postcard_Envelope_Direct_Mail_White_